During my years of traveling, I had faced different obstacles and challenges during my tips as a female.
Maybe it is a cliche but we all know that an unexpected or unwanted period can destroy mood and programs. We also experience issues during packing, especially when we have a weight limit and when we cannot forecast the weather.
And ladies, let us face the fact, we constantly need a toilet around. 

Do not worry, I have a solution to all your problems!

I know, strange, but trust me during a long trip when you do not have the opportunity/time/mood to wash your clothes, you will thank me!
Let’s be honest ladies
no one’s laundry smells like a rose but it could smell like vanilla and lavender even during your travel.
These Swirl bid liners are my favorite. Even if you just put one or two in your suitcase, you will smell this amazing scent during your whole holiday!

It sounds exaggerated, but it can be indeed a lifesaver when you have one of this Tangle Teezer  in your purse or backpack, especially during a long flight.
Imagine after long hours of sleeping or suffering on a plane,
you finally arrive at your dream destination and you look like…well how you look like every morning.
Maybe you are like the actresses in the movies, but I look like someone sabotaged my head during the night.

3. Multiway dresses – Infinity dress / Sarong

I love both!
When you go to a warm place you just pack 2 or 3 of these and you are done.
You can use these on the beach, on a fancy dinner or even places where you need to cover your shoulders, like in churches or Muslim countries.
Pretty, effective and effortless solution!

Sensitive topic, but it is an important one.
Of course, when you are on a usual or luxurious holiday, probably you will not need this. But if you like adventures (or adwentours 😉 ) like me, well you need to be prepared for inconvenient situations.
When for example you are on an African safari and in the
middle of the Serengeti you feel the urge, but you do not want to do it in the companion of some lions. Or you are on a ring road trip in Iceland, you are in the middle of nowhere and you know that you will freeze if you leave the car.
These are the circumstances when you lose all your inhibitions and effeminacy and use this cute travel toilet.
It is easy to use, it is wide enough, and at the next stop at a normal WC, you can just clean it easily.

1.Menstrual Cup – not the Diva!

I know that a lot of women are afraid of that, I have been also terrified and disgusted by the thought of it until I finally tried one.
It changed my life!  Why?

  • You can forget about it for the whole day:
    Have you ever canceled a day trip because you knew that there won’t be any normal toilet during your period? Good news! You do not need to worry about this anymore as even if you leave the cup in for the whole day, nothing will happen and you will not even notice it.
    No surprises, no pain, no risk at all!
  • You do not need to pack or buy a lot of tampons:
    It is small, easy to pack in  and normally comes with a little bag
  • Environment- and wallet-friendly:
    No more waste!
  • Easy to clean:
    You would think that okay, all the above are true for the washable pads, but the cup doesn’t need to be washed with any detergent and you do not need to wait for it until it dries. Just wash it in a sink or shower and you are good to go!

Do you still have doubts? Just try it out! To be honest, my first cup was the famous Diva Cup, but after 3-month usage, well let’s just say that I could not use it anymore. And after I found a cheaper one which I loved so much more. The Lunette for me is more comfortable and easier to use!wide enough, and at the next stop at a normal WC, you can just clean it easily.

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