Before starting to plan our 10 days Ring Road itinerary in Iceland, we were thinking a lot when we should visit the country in order to see everything we go for and in the meantime to be safe as we were aware that during winter Iceland can be dangerous, especially for first-time visitors.  

Therefore we have put all the pros and cons together and decided to go in November, which was a surprise for a lot of people but after our trip, I can confidently say that it was the best choice we ever made. 

Not only we could see everything and even more that we wanted, but we could enjoy every moment without any stress and fear.

1. See the Northern Lights / Lady Aurora

Yes, you can! And we did! What an amazing experience! You can see plenty of pictures of it or even videos, but when you see the green lights dancing on the dark sky above you in the companion with the beautiful stars, it is a dream comes true. This is only possible when the sun goes down and you have total darkness around you, therefore you cannot go during summer as there is almost constant light as the sun is up on the sky.
Of course, it is not that easy to catch Aurora, but we have followed some advice and we could finally enjoy the show on our 5th day and it was breathtaking. I love our pictures of it!
Even if it took time to figure out how to make a photo of the Northern Lights. 

2. Enough daylight

While you have normal nights with the dark sky, you can still enjoy adequate hours during the day with the sun above you. It is in November normally around 6 hours, but it decreases every day until the middle of December and it is 6 hours again only at the end of January.

You do not need to be in rush to see everything and if you plan your itinerary well, then you do not need to drive in dark, which can be really scary and dangerous if you are not experienced.

3. Ice Caves – Winter Fairy Tale

If you ever wanted to experience how is it to be in a fairy tale, then just visit Iceland during winter and go for an ice cave tour. We went with Ice Explorers and it was more than amazing! They drove us off the road near to the glacier with the biggest super jeep in Iceland, then we got some safety equipment and walked until the gate of ice wonderland. Just like in Frozen, I felt like a princess.
Unfortunately, you cannot encounter this adventure during summer the caves get flooded or they could easily collapse.

Furthermore, you can enjoy the huge diamonds and icebergs at the Jökulsarlon lagoon during summer as well, although they are much more stunning and breathtaking during winter.

4. Milder weather 

Winter can be tough during winter, I am not going to lie, although in November it is totally bearable, even enjoyable. We have experienced some strong wind during the evening, but apart from that, we were very lucky with the weather. It was only the beautiful snow falling from the sky sometimes, but it made everything even more stunning.
Although it is winter and it is snowing, the waterfalls are still not frozen and you can also enjoy the greenish landscape next to the white scenery.

5. Low season

Nowadays looks like there is no low season in Iceland, but I can say that during November it was definitely not that crowded. We even were in accommodation where we were alone.

I did not include the Blue Lagoon in the first draft of our trip plan, because I have read that there are so many people that you cannot relax and enjoy the unbelievably blue hot water, but after all, we felt we need some wellness before flying home so we went to the spa at a Friday afternoon at around 16:00 and there was almost no one. We even had a corner just for ourselves, and it was truly romantic and heartfelt.

Do you still have doubts that you need to visit Iceland in November?

Read our full travelogue and check our pictures! You will want to fly there right away!

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